Just a small selection from our portfolio.

  • Asurveys
    Asbestos surveys company asurveys, enjoying some fabulous organic results!
  • Claire Wood Photographer
    Claire Wood Photographer
    Claire Wood Photography commissioned  Calder Web to create a new website. It was a pleasure working with Claire. She loves the new website. Thanks Claire.
  • Osgood Schlatters Disease
    Osgood Schlatters Disease
    We marketed the brand name of The Strickland Protocol using social media marketing. We now have an engaged audience and The Strickland Protocol is now recognised as the ONLY proven scientific cure for Osgood Schlatters Disease in children. Click to visit the Osgood Schlatters Website
  • Projector Enclosures
    Projector Enclosures
    We have been busy promoting the VIZBOX Enclosures website. The company also caters for the USA outdoor projector market. Google almost anything to do with outdoor projector enclosures to find them at position 1, page 1, Google.    
  • Securicare
    Fab SEO early days for Securicare who specialise in social care training. The company offers online and classroom training, including physical restraint training, managing challenging behaviour and the Care Certificate. The company caters for several markets including aviation, security and education.
  • RV Rugg
    RV Rugg
    We have worked with this long-established Great British company for several years and are proud to do so. The wireworking company produce wire baskets, guards, and bespoke wire products in general.
  • Virtuoso Legal
    Virtuoso Legal
    Virtuoso Legal are one awesome team of intellectual property solicitors! They did all the work for VIZBOX Enclosures, so I can truly say that they excel in what they do! We have some position 1 page 1 rankings for these guys. The website need some TLC which we have given 🙂    
  • Jenner Jones
    Jenner Jones
    Jenner Jones required a new home buyers survey website with online ordering. We created the site and continue with their SEO.